rinum Mohammed Munir Ahmed


Nov 21, 2012

ReversiX is a realtime, turnless, multiplayer variation of the board game Reversi (aka Othello). As of now the game is played on a 16 x 16 board with 4 players. In between player moves is a cooldown period where the player must wait before making another move. Other than that, the game is played exactly the same as Reversi.

The main purpose behind ReversiX was to get exposed to HTML5 canvas. There are some bugs that need to be worked out, mainly javascript memory leaks. If there's interest in the game I may polish it up, add a ranking system, and create mobile versions.

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I am currently a pharmacy student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before that, I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science.

In case you were wondering, rinum is my middle name reversed.